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Learn about your energy fields.

Understanding your aura and the energy fields around your body can be a transformative experience, shedding light on how you emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually manage and store energy. Learn more with a free consultation.

How An Aura Reading Can Benefit You...

Visual Interpretation


By interpreting aura-chakra energy via electronic hand readings and translating this data into visually engaging formats creates a visual understanding of the flow of your unique energy.

Face to Face Readings

We take you on a healing journey in person and in real-time so you can see how you can easily influence your energy to heal.

Scientific Understanding


Readings are invaluable for anyone looking to broaden their scientific understanding of energy, human response, and emotional control over their physical being.

Aura Chakra Reading

The Aura Chakra Reading is a tool that provides insightful information. We can identify potential imbalances and areas of blockage.

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Track Your Evolution


Regular assessments can track the evolution of your energy field, especially if you're navigating through personal healings or significant life changes.

What Assessments Offer

They offer a vivid, tangible testament to the shifts and transformations within your energy functions, providing you with the proof of your own capacity to influence and manage your energy.

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Why I started Aura Readings...

I initially started this program to teach young adults about their energy. I discovered that a large percentage of my client base was in their early teens to early adult stages. One thing I found is that we’re not taught about control over our emotions and we don’t fully understand how stress or anxiety can affect our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. With today’s technology and the use of video games, computers, etc., it’s easier for young adults to learn visually from a program. I have found that countless clients have gained respect for themselves and knowledge, as well as accepting the fact that they have complete control over these changes. I feel completely blessed to be able to provide a service that’s not only easily understood but also fun to learn from.

Becky Kehoe


Aura Readings

"The Aura/Chakra reading that Becky provided was a fascinating experience! Her extensive knowledge of the varying data gives you a truly unique insight into your personality, mindset and habits. You also get a highly detailed print-out of all of the data which is super helpful for future reference. Becky's calm energy makes the session very comfortable and easy to understand. I would highly recommend a reading to anyone who is looking to learn more about who they are!"
Aura Reading
"I had an Aura Chakra reading with Becky and the experience was so cool. I saw my energy change so quickly that it proved to me that I am in control of my energy field and can shift it any time I want. Becky has many gifts and I highly recommend her and her school."
Aura Reading
"I tell everyone to do the Chakra/Aura reading most of my friends have done it. This is really neat you put your hand on a machine and it reads your energy. It shows the vibration in your body, if you have blocks and it will show you how much control you have over your emotions. I have gone into a meditative state and it was wild how the colors changed in my aura, you have to do this."
Aura Reading
"I had no idea what to expect from a chakra aura reading until I had it done. Becky helped me understand the reading and showed me areas of myself that I could easily strengthen instantly and showed me how. And the Reading showed me what chakras that were strongest for me. I found the reading fun and insightful and I highly recommend having one done for your own education on how you can strengthen your energy."

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General Topics

This is a tool mainly used by holistic health experts. Using the Aura Video Station provides real-time aura readings. It allows for a detailed look at someone’s energy field, helping to identify any imbalances in their energy.

The reading uses advanced technology to assess your energy. It shows how much control you have and can identify emotional and energy blocks. It’s useful for understanding your energy flow and any areas that might need attention.

The process involves an aura camera that takes electronic readings from your hand. This data is then converted by aura imaging software into visual graphs and charts that show your aura-chakra energy.

Regular readings can track changes in your energy.  It is especially useful if you’re undergoing a healing process or experiencing significant life changes. It provides a live, visual representation of how your energy changes over time, offering tangible evidence of improvement.

Financial Topics

Aura readings are 149.00 and in person only. Contact me for service and to book events.


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