V Story Technique with Becky Kehoe and Robyn Holm

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v story telling
V is for Victory, we often find it hard to tell our story,  if you could just come up with a process it can be very rewarding and healing.   Watch the video to see how easy it can be played out. 
  1. Top Left of the V: Subject

    • Introduction: Briefly introduce the subject you want to talk about.
    • Details: Explain the event, trauma, or situation. Describe what happened, how it affected you, and the significance of this subject in your life.
  2. Bottom of the V: Changes

    • Turning Point: Describe the moment you decided to take action to heal or move past the subject.
    • Steps Taken: Detail the specific changes or actions you took. This could include therapy, self-help techniques, support systems, new habits, etc.
    • Challenges: Mention any obstacles you faced during this process and how you overcame them.
  3. Top Right of the V: Outcome

    • Positive Results: Share the positive outcomes of taking action. This could be emotional healing, personal growth, improved relationships, or any other beneficial changes.
    • Reflection: Reflect on how the experience has changed you and what you’ve learned.
    • Future Outlook: Discuss how these changes have prepared you for the future and any ongoing practices you maintain to stay positive and healthy.

Example Story

  1. Subject

    • Introduction: I want to talk about the time I experienced severe anxiety.
    • Details: A few years ago, I faced intense anxiety due to overwhelming work stress and personal issues. It impacted my daily life, making it hard to function normally.
  2. Changes

    • Turning Point: One day, I realized I couldn’t continue living this way and decided to seek help.
    • Steps Taken: I started seeing a Hypnotherapist, practicing mindfulness meditation, and engaging in regular physical exercise. I also joined a support group for people with anxiety.
    • Challenges: Initially, it was hard to open up and stick to the new routines. There were times when I felt like giving up, but I persisted with encouragement from my hypnotherapist and support group.
  3. Outcome

    • Positive Results: As a result, my anxiety significantly decreased. I learned how to manage stress better and developed a more positive outlook on life.
    • Reflection: This journey taught me the importance of self-care and seeking help when needed. I am now looking at becoming a hypnotherapist 
    • Future Outlook: I continue to practice mindfulness and maintain a balanced lifestyle, ensuring I stay on a healthy path.

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