Do You Have Insomnia

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Do you take pills to help you sleep? Have you ever told yourself, ‘I can’t sleep?’ Sleeping is as normal as breathing! So, why do so many people have trouble doing it? Sleep is a habit like any other habit and can be changed if you know are willing to do it! Begin by telling yourself, “I can’t stay awake” instead of saying, “I can’t sleep.” Remember, your unconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and fantasy. If you tell yourself you can’t sleep…you CAN’T sleep! And, of course, its not even true…everyone sleeps!
I have helped many clients with insomnia. I hate the term insomnia because it sounds like a medical thing and it seldom is. There are the obvious things that effect sleep like caffeine, medications and work schedules but the sleep issues I treat are mostly from stress and fear. Everyone has stress but not everyone has trouble sleeping. If you don’t have coping skills, sleep can be affected. Coping skills can be learned. The fear or belief that you can’t sleep is the biggest culprit causing insomnia. Many people experience a bad night’s sleep and then become afraid they will continue to have problems. What we think about comes about. Fear of not being able to sleep will keep you awake. Unfortunately doctors are quick to prescribe medications for sleep that are habit forming or addictive. Wouldn’t it be nice if medication was the last resort for resolving sleep issues and people take responsibility for their own habits? All hypnosis is self -hypnosis. Empower yourself by learning how to control your thoughts and eliminate negative beliefs.
There are things to learn about sleep that can help to make it easier to fall asleep or go back to sleep if waking up during the night. There are a few things you can do to improve your sleep.
Here are a few tips:
Begin to plan to have a good night’s sleep. Expect it!
Create a routine that begins at least a half hour before wanting to be asleep.
This routine should include writing a list of all the ‘to do’ things on your mind. When it’s on paper you won’t need think about it.
Avoid caffeine, obviously, after 3 PM. Establish a ‘sleep side’ that you know when you are on that side you fall asleep easily.
Use deep breathing when in bed, 3 times, in for the count of 5, hold it for 5 and release slowly for the count of 10. This will slow down the heart rate, shut off the adrenaline and relax your mind and body.
If your mind continues to be too active, focus all your awareness on your breath. It’s impossible to focus your mind on more than one thing at a time. If your mind wanders, bring it back it your breathing and then focus on a word like ”I am relaxed “I am calm” or “delete” to stop the unwanted thinking.
The most common complaint I get is that it’s difficult to shut off the mind. It’s not difficult if you know how! Distracting your conscious mind with a single word like “sleep” or “delete” will do the trick.
You can have the mind move through the body releasing each muscle with each breath from head to toe.
If all else fails, on the home page of my website is a free recording to hypnotize you to sleep. Use it regularly until you have corrected your habit! Learn self-hypnosis! 

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