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Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy

Discover how you can transform your life with an education in Hypnotherapy.

Accreditation by IMDHA, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

CLASS STARTS September 16, 2024

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Practical Training


1:1 personalized support with hours of in-house or live classroom training to give you the confidence and skills to launch your practice.

Indepth Learning

We will delve into hypnotherapy literature and have fascinating class discussions, fostering a rich, collaborative learning atmosphere.

Small Classroom Sizes


We keep our class sizes small to create a more intimate space to have more interaction with your group and the teachers.

Work on Real People

You will directly work with real clients to sharpen your skills and deepen your understanding of the practice, making learning both practical and personal.

Course Manual & Scripts


You will get Hypnotherapy Scripts and the Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy manual to keep for reference after the program.

Continued Support

Upon completing the program, you unlock access to personalized 1:1 coaching sessions with Heather Hallam and Becky Kehoe aimed at enhancing your skill development and professional growth.

Certified Graduates
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We help individuals develop their career in Hypnotherapy.

Imagine being able to create a career that not only brings satisfaction and good earnings but also allows you the freedom to live as you wish. This vision led me to create the Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy, focusing on practical experience to nurture ethical and genuine professionals in the field of hypnotherapy. 

The reality is, you have the potential to engage in meaningful work, secure a comfortable income, and shape a life that resonates with your beliefs and lifestyle. 

Whether you’re drawn to the idea of dedicating yourself to hypnotherapy full-time, or you’re looking at the program for self-growth and healing, our mission is to support you in achieving your goals. 

If you’re motivated by the thought of being your own boss or seeking a fulfilling side project, we’re here to guide your journey to success.

Becky Kehoe


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Career in Hypnotherapy?

Haven Ridge School

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What Graduates
Are Saying...

smiling man
"My incredible experience through Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy filled me with gratitude and wonder. The warm atmosphere, passionate instructors and comprehensive curriculum made learning effortless and enjoyable. Personal growth and spiritual development enriched my experience. Practical training guided by skilled and knowledgeable instructors boosted my confidence, and the supportive community they have established was heartwarming. I am forever grateful for this transformative journey. and I wholeheartedly recommend Haven Ridge for profound growth and empowerment. Thank you! "
School Graduate
"Hypnotherapy was not even on my radar. There were a few interesting synchronicities that lead me to Becky. After my initial consult with her I knew whole heartedly that I needed to take her program. It felt like a whole body YES!!!! This program completely changed my life for the better. Not only did I heal an insane amount of trauma, past life gunk and things that were holding me back! But I also learnt how to be an amazing hypnotherapist. Becky is kind, compassionate and so full of knowledge. She leads her class in such a way that everyone can heal and learn in the best environment. I highly recommend sitting down with Becky to explore if hypnotherapy is a good fit for you."
School Graduate
woman holding certificate
"Haven Ridge was such a great experience. We started practical training from day one and that made the process feel like second nature very quickly. Becky is professional and kind and it was clear she cared very much about our wellbeing and future in hypnotherapy. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to get into hypnotherapy."
School Graduate
"The way the course is outlined never leaves you feeling bored or tired of what you're learning and you're always so excited to start the next day. The educators at Haven Ridge have so much knowledge and I certainly challenged them at every moment I could. They are patient and diligent in providing the best information and we're always open to learning more on aspects that may not have even been initially covered in the program Whether you're looking to start a new career or just expand on your current one, Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy is hands down one of the best educational experiences you could have. Whether professionally or personally. Sign up now and you'll never look back!"
School Graduate
Women smiling
"Becky is amazing; an excellent instructor who is very up to date on the latest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques. She is an extraordinary instructor who guides her students with compassion and intense detail. When you graduate her hypnosis training you will definitely know how to do hypnosis with clients. Before taking Becky's training I had a few hypnotherapy sessions that were exceptional, probably one of the reasons I chose to update my skills at her Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy. Thank you Becky."
School Graduate
"Haven ridge school was an absolutely lovely experience. I learned more than I ever thought I could in only just a month. Becky made the environment feel really safe and welcoming and she is amazing at catering to all learning types. An overall life-shifting experience! To anyone interested in taking her courses or booking a session you will not regret it!"
School Graduate
"I have taken a lot of training courses in my time, but I have to say that Haven Ridge's 220hr Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification course has been my favourite. Becky's goal is to produce Hypnotherapists by the end of the course, and her methods are water-tight. She provides a perfect balance of lecture/sharing and practical application...She covers every important concept at least 7 times over the duration of the course so that the info really gets into your mind and soul...I felt prepared for our Written, Practical and Ethics exams in that final week, but most importantly, I left the course inspired to begin my career as a Hypnotherapist, and feeling empowered to begin."
School Graduate
School of Hypnotherapy

Considering a Career Change?

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Make Your Practice Stand Out
Add hypnotherapy to your service offering and attract more clients looking for alternative therapy. It's a great way to make your practice more appealing and unique. You can also create an additional income stream to help support your career.
Hypnotherapy Opportunity
Now is the time to pursue hypnotherapy. Seize this chance to establish a rewarding career in an expanding field that promises both professional growth and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact.
Learn and Build Your Business
with our hypnotherapy program you are getting more than just getting a certificate. The program can change your practice for the better and get results for your clients faster. Plus, we help you with a business plan to make sure you succeed.
Create your Career
Create a career with flexibility that adapts to your unique lifestyle and goals. Choose from working in a wellness center, a hospital, or from home. You can work full-time or part-time work schedules and be independent or part of a team. Shape a career that fits your lifestyle and ambitions.

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General Topics

We are excited to help you.  Your next step is to fill out the application form and send it to us. Once we receive the application and it is approved, we will send the payment process to you.  Once the deposit and application acceptance is complete you will be registered as a student.  

Adding hypnotherapy to what you already do or starting your first career in the mental health field can change your life. You are in a position to help people.  A hypnotherapy certification can make you really stand out. It is also a great way to generate extra sources of revenue for your business. 

Successful Graduates will receive a Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification from Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy and will also receive become certified with the (IMDHA) International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. 

Financial Topics

Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy, 30 day certification program, is regularly $4197.99, but is now being offered at $3990.99 for Spring 2024. Online course, Fundamental Hypnosis, now available. It is 1 of 3 courses making up the full certification program. It is offered at $997.50 each course.

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Program Open Enrollment

Now enrolling for SUMMER, a part-time 1-week online course, "Fundamentals of Hypnosis." Don't delay, registration closes on July 13th. Download important course information and get the link to apply for admissions.

Haven Ridge School of Hypnotherapy Inquiry Form

Course is full-time, Monday - Friday, and in-person. Registration is open for Spring and Fall Courses. Submit the form below to get all the information about the school including tuiton.

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